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Protecting Children

At Curtain Up, we recognise the importance of providing a safe and secure environment for all our students.

All members of our staff, whether paid or volunteering, are required to apply on a regular basis for Enhanced Clearance through the Criminal Records Bureau and to adhere to our Child Protection Policy and our Safe Guarding Children Policy.

Visitors working with Curtain Up are never left alone with children and work within our Child Protection Policy and Safe Guarding Children Policy.

Curtain Up children are taught by highly specialised teachers in their lessons. In addition, the children are supervised by our Principal and cared for by our Teaching Assistants. 

We have two designated Child Protection Officers and easy access to our Local Child Protection Unit if needed.

We encourage anyone of any age who has ANY concern about a child to contact us without hesitation.

Curtain Up - protecting YOUR children

At Curtain Up, we also recognise the importance of good behaviour!

Through our structured classes and our Behaviour Policy we are delighted that our children learn in a friendly and caring environment.

Our mobile phone policy adds to the "safe place" that we strive to create. 

Guest teachers regularly compliment the children for their fantastic behaviour and their willingness to learn and participate!


Parent Contact Details

Please keep us up to date with changes in any contact details we hold for you.


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